Personal Injury, Wrongful Death
and Medical Malpractice


For plaintiffs Philip Saunders Associates (PSA) estimates lost earning capacity, mitigating earning capacity, value of personal service, cost of living, cost of raising a child, and present value of life care. We also assist in designing structured settlements.  For insurers and their counsel PSA evaluates claims for lost earning capacity and other economic loss, performs forensic investigation and analysis, helps counsel prepare for trial, including cross examination of opposing experts, and, if requested, testifies at trial.

Selected Cases

  • For truck driver injured in highway accident, PSA estimated lost earning capacity, including compensation and benefits.  Assignment involved review and analysis of work history, industry conditions, union contracts, benefit programs, and benefit records, and interview of union personnel.  Dr. Saunders testified at trial.  Jury awarded plaintiff $1,000,000 in damages.
  • For defendant in medical malpractice action, PSA reviewed and critiqued report of plaintiff's economic expert, which estimated economic loss of injured shipping room employee.  PSA worked with defense counsel in preparing for trial and scripted Q&A for cross examination.  Result was, in words of client counsel, plaintiff's expert "just basically imploded on the witness stand."
  • For professional rock bass guitar player with injured hand, PSA estimated loss due to plaintiff's reduced playing ability.  Plaintiff had history of successful performance but earnings below full potential.  PSA analyzed employment market and compensation for rock guitar players, estimated likely lost earnings capacity assuming realization of full potential, and prepared report.  Case settled.  Client attorney described himself as "very pleased with the outcome."
  • For estate of teacher in wrongful death action, PSA performed extensive analysis of decedent's work history, prospects for promotion, and personal expenditures, financial history, and savings habits.  PSA demonstrated not only that her future lost earnings would have been substantial but that a significant proportion would have inured to benefit of her estate.  Case settled for $4,500,000.
  • For insurer in case with no viable liability defense, Dr. Saunders testified at arbitration and demonstrated claimant's erratic work history, methodology problems with plaintiff's expert's testimony, and existence of mitigating earning capacity.  In words of client, arbitrator's award was "much closer to ... [the insurer's] ... earlier offer of $45,000 than it is to the Plaintiff's long standing demand for $125,000. ... [The insurer] is pleased with the outcome, and by implication, pleased with your services which I believed helped significantly."



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