Litigation Services


Philip Saunders Associates (PSA) provides a full range of litigation support services for plaintiffs and defendants:

  • Preliminary review and evaluation
  • Consultation on drafting of claim or answer
  • Consultation on pre-trial discovery
  • Calculation of economic or financial loss
  • Preparation of reports and affidavits
  • Exhibits or chalks for use at trial
  • Critical analysis of opposing expert reports
  • Preparation of counsel for cross-examination of opposition
  • Expert witness at deposition and trial

The firm takes pride in its thorough and carefully grounded work.  


PSA's written reports help produce settlement.  They give the opposition one more reason not to try the case.  


As one of Boston's most experienced defense attorneys said, following his cross examination of Dr. Saunders in a mock trial for the Massachusetts Bar Association: "This is a very reasonable report.  There is nothing here to attack."


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